Wood fences: Texan fences

Texan fences are the most popular form of fencing in livestock facilities. They are built with naturally grown round posts, non-homogeneous and with a different diameter at either end.

To use these fences for horses we recommend 2-metre-long vertical posts (8/10 cm in diameter) with 2.5-metre-long rails (6/8 cm in diameter). The posts can simply be stuck in the ground or can be surrounded by concrete. The rails are fixed to the posts by means of galvanized Texan clamps which are screwed into place and provide a solid finish to the fence.

Detalle de abrazadera tejana que une postes verticales y horizontalesWe offer posts of different lengths and cross-sections at very competitive prices. They can be bought by the unit to repair existing fences, protect trees, install electric fencing or wire mesh, build cross-country obstacles, etc.

We offer several gate models for fences. The most commonly used model for Texan fences is the Texan field gate, a metal-core gate clad in treated wood. It includes a support post, to be fixed with concrete, and a simple closing system. If a larger access width is required, these gates can be installed as double doors, with a central removable post.

You can find the prices of the posts and other wooden fencing material in the store section of our website. You can also find the approximate price of the linear metre of the 2-rail Texan fence and the 3-rail Texan fence.


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