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LUPA is, since its beginning, a qualified supplier of jumps, obstacles and all their related accessories. Show jumping obstacles for competitions are in constant evolution, not only in their design but also in the materials with which they are built. Because of this evolution, when it comes to jumps for important competitions, it is necessary to count on a strong and trustworthy manufacturer who regularly invests in the research and development of new materials and new designs, and who searches the approval of certain elements, materials and accessories by the FEI. In LUPA, we have worked with several suppliers but, for several years now, we have placed our trust on the German Beck + Heun, probably the world’s largest company in this field.

Salto tridimensional para caballosBeck + Heun has an extraordinarily large jump catalogue , in which quality and safety are paramount. They build sponsor jumps according to designs provided by the client, and obstacles conceived by external designers, course designers and the usual specialized and highly qualified designers that have always worked with them. In the process of creating their jumps, they use cutting edge machinery with electronically controlled production flows. By means of EPS cutting machines, a system of CAD milling, as well as the possibility of producing elements with a laser cutting system, it is possible for them to manufacture even the most complex shapes with maximum accuracy. All components are made of the highest quality materials.

For 3D implementation, a wide variety of materials are used, so there are countless possibilities in three-dimensional designs, even including photorealistic structures. The combination of aluminium and multiplex (a material made of multiple, thin layers of wood that are glued together) with a rigid foam core allows for an optimum stability and a light weight. To give the jumps a unique design, apart from using multiplex and RESIDOR®, they also use PVC, polystyrene®, Dibond, plaster and other materials according to necessity. The subsequent coating with liquid plastic makes all components impact- and weather-resistant and, in the final process, high-quality acrylic paints give these jumps their unique and unmistakable style, whether by means of a simple painted finish, a colour gradient or an airbrush technique.

Digital printing of the elements via laser technology offers the highest level of uniqueness. The elements can be printed with creative ideas which give each jump a distinctive air. There are no limits to the design possibilities. No matter whether the material is for an international competition or for a smaller event, each jump is a customized equestrian experience. There are no limits to variety. The customized production of sponsor jumps is an investment for the future. Equestrian sports enthusiasts and world renowned companies have already discovered, on their own, the advantages offered by a combination of an exclusive sport experience and a personal corporate design.

Beck + Heun offers the possibility of creating jumps with your own design, but if you do not have one, in their catalogue you will find: sponsor jumps, premium jumps for elite competitions, more basic jumps, walls and all the necessary accessories to carry out a competition. They also offer a wide range of quality training material, jump “packages” for clubs and yards…

In our website, you will find the different elements of the jumps with the manufacturer’s price, the same for any client in the world. LUPA’s job will be to assess you if necessary, send you an estimate including shipping costs and organize the latter. You will not pay any extra cost for our assistance.

Click HERE to access the largest exhibition of jumping material and a unique experience.

Salto Rojo

However, not all customers are looking for high-range competition material. Many people just need to complete or renew their jumps, or are looking for training material that can be left outdoors the whole year round and used for daily work. This material should be resilient, functional, easy to move and store, multi-purpose and inexpensive. Bearing in mind these circumstances, LUPA has created two sections: one with standard arena aluminium material (jump wings, several jump “packages”, coloured poles…) which is not in stock in Spain, but has short delivery periods; and another with the most frequently demanded material, which we have in stock for immediate purchase or shipping. In this section, you will find: galvanized double stands or wings, simple stands, foam filled poles for training, rails to repair stands and wings, different types of cups, number and letter kits, dressage letters, pole storage racks, unpainted competition-quality wood poles, pole end caps… anything you may need.

You can find all these jumps and accessories (which can be delivered immediately or shortly) perfectly described with all its features, photographs and prices in our STORE

Cómo se fabrican los obstáculos Beck&Heun

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