Machinery and implements

As its name implies, machinery must necessarily consist of mechanical solutions intended to make our daily work easier and save labour costs. Moreover, if these machines are to be used with horses, these qualities must be backed by at least another two equally important features: safety and strength.

In this chapter, we present a series of extraordinarily useful and profitable machines selected by LUPA for their value for money, functionality, strength, safety for horses and easy use.

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A horse walker is a tool which allows for the simultaneous working of several horses under the supervision of a single person. We sell horse walkers that are renowned for their ease of use, resistance, safety and versatility. We offer round and oval-shaped horse walkers, to be built outdoors or suspended from a roof (Skywalker), with a whole series of necessary complements such as fences, roofs, footings, etc.

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Horse treandmills are probably the best training machines, since they enable us to design specific workouts, regulating speed and incline, and they require much less space than a horse walker. The main disadvantage is that there must always be a person keeping an eye on the horse while it exercises. There are also models in which horses move through water. If you want to receive an estimate or more information, please contact us.

Aquatrainers are a special type of horse treadmills, in which you have the extra possibility of making the horse exercise upon a water cushion that is about knee-high.

Rastra en funcionamiento sobre pistas interiorA good maintenance of the arena footing is essential for horses’ health and for the image given by the yard or club. For this purpose, it is vital to use the appropriate implements. LUPA offers a very wide range of high-quality horse arena harrows with different types of hooks, rollers of different sizes, manual or hydraulic handling systems, and even with watering tanks. There are harrows that can be attached to the hydraulic system of a tractor, but we have also thought about those yards that do not have a tractor and we offer models which can be towed by 4x4s or quads.

A solarium must serve many uses apart from drying horses when they are sweating or have just been washed. The solariums LUPA sells have been designed with the idea of improving the general wellbeing of horses. A horse is an athlete, no matter the level at which it competes, and this is why it is always prone to injuries. Research has shown that thermotherapy is a universal method used to treat chronic issues and that heat plays a vital role in rehabilitation. Also, the infrared lights’ action improves blood flow, helping muscles quickly absorb sugars and lactic acid, which in turn improves the animal’s performance.

LUPA offers several types of horse clippers, They have been specially designed for use with horses, have been thoroughly tested, show a good performance, and have a guarantee, spare parts and after-sales assistance.

In any equestrian center, few implements are as useful as an electronic weighing scale. These scales, though, must be designed for use with horses, taking into account their particular idiosyncrasy. It must be a scale which allows you to determine your horses’ weight easily, quickly and with no stress for the animals.

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