Electronic Scales

In any equestrian center, few implements are as useful as an electronic weighing scale. These scales, though, must be designed for use with horses, taking into account their particular idiosyncrasy. With a scale and regular weighing, we will be able to determine the amount of concentrates or supplements to feed each horse according to their particular weight; we can check the effect of certain concentrates or amount of food on the different horses; we will be able to detect animals who are losing weight and identify the reasons (worms, illnesses, etc.); we may monitor overweight animals; and we can control horses’ weight before and after travelling.

Báscula para caballos Bosche, con plataforma y cuadro de mandos. La báscula puede pesar en movimientoThe BOSCHE PW1500 scale will allow you to determine your horses’ weight easily, quickly and with no stressfor the animals. It is built in stainless steel and is equipped with an 8-mm-thick, non-slip, rubber mat. It is only 11 cm high, which helps horses step onto it safely and confidently. Four cells that work by means of a software for “weighing in motion” determine the weight quickly and accurately, and the result can then be read on a 50-mm-high liquid crystal display.

Other important details are that cables and cells are completely built into the structure for their maximum protection against dirtiness and rodents. The scale comes with an internal rechargeable battery with up to 100 hours of operation in case you wish to use it unplugged or in a different place. For this purpose, the scale also has wheels.

General characteristics:

  • Size: 201 x 112 x 11 cm.
  • Built in stainless steel.
  • Software for “weighing in motion”.
  • Maximum weight: 1,500 kg. Minimum reading: 1 kg.
  • Non-slip rubber mat.
  • Weight of scale: 120 kg (including 20 kg of mat).
  • Indicator/controller with IP65 stainless steel casing.
  • 50-mm-high liquid crystal display (LCD).
  • Power source: included
  • Detachable indicator easy to transport.
  • Basic functions: cero, tare and accumulation (sum) of weights in memory.
  • 4 A/h battery (approximately 100 Std) or AC adapter.
  • Weighing cells with four rubber-base ball-type sensor legs.
  • High protection against impacts.
  • Wheels for easy transportation.

If you are interested in a scale, you can find its base price in the Store or ask for an estimate including shipping costs..

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