Belmondo Paddock

BELMONDO PADDOCK is a rubber flooring that can be used in horse walkers, walkways, stable entrances, courtyards, paddocks and wash areas.

The high quality rubber flooring of BELMONDO PADDOCK guarantees the safe exercise of horses on all types of floors. This mat has a rough surface and its underside is formed by 5-mm-thick studs; liquids will thus drain easily over the edges.

BELMONDO PADDOCK is naturally flexible, like the surface of a field. Its UV- and ozone-resistant protection makes it especially appropriate for outdoor use. It is completely non-slip, even when wet or frozen, so the risk of accidents and injuries is reduced, protecting hooves, tendons and joints. It is also highly recommended for stable aisles, wash areas and horse walkers.

It is easy to install and especially hygienic because it can be quickly and easily cleaned just with a shovel, a broom and a dustpan, or with a cold water high-pressure cleaner. For wash areas, drilled mats can be requested for water drainage and they will still interlock perfectly with one another.


Solarium con suelo Belmondo Paddock

  • Surface : rough, rhombic profile with wear optimized top coat
  • Lower side :studs (5 mm)
  • Material : vulcanized rubber. Extra resistant and non-slip top coat
  • Dimensions :
    • Thickness : 24mm
    • Length : 1m
    • Width : 1m
  • Approx. unit weight: 24 kg.
  • 4 sides with puzzle shape edges
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 5 years

You can find the price of Belmondo Paddock in the following link.

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