Indoor Stalls Comparative Chart/Table

Below we offer a comparative table of the most common Indoor Stalls models. If you are viewing it through your mobile we advise consulting it in landscape

Stall feature Standard-I Professional-I Professional-II
Height of front 220cm 230cm 230cm
Height of fronts including rail 224cm 234cm 234cm
Height of partition walls 220cm 230cm 230cm
Standard length of fronts + partitions (cm) 300/350 300/350 300/350
Recycled plastic (brown, black, grey)
Tropical hardwood or bamboo (optional)
Height of bottom part of panels 124cm 128,5cm 128,5cm
Thickness of bottom boards 28mm 28mm 38mm
Thickness of upper boards 28mm 28mm 28mm
Closed frame
Frame profile Pinzado Doble Doble
Width of frame 50mm 50mm 60mm
Bars punched through frame
Distance between bars 60mm 53mm 53mm
Diameter of bars 22mm 27mm 27mm
Width of standard door 124cm 137cm 137cm
Width of door opening 114cm 129cm 129cm
Suspension rollers Standard Tándem Tándem extra
Length of upper rail 240cm Misma frontal Misma frontal
Automatic locking bar system
Feed opening (25 x 23 cm) Standard Standard Standard
Sliding grille in feed opening Opcional Opcional Opcional
Swinging grille (window) in sliding door with locking bar Opcional Opcional Opcional
Revolving manger system (360º) Opcional Opcional Opcional
Nuts and bolts Incluidos Incluidos Incluidos


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