KINGLY Corton Stall

Indoor Kingly stalls for horses can be included in the category of “design stalls”. The frame used for this stall is a CORTON exclusive new double flange profile design which provides extra strength. This type of frame has no match among their competitors’ solutions, which simply offer U-shape profiles or simple flange profiles. In the design models, you will find multiple distinguishing options that allow you to maximally customize your stable’s appearance. This is all accomplished by means of a technologically flawless production process and provides an excellent traditional looking finish. To make your choice easier, we provide the details of the “Kingly basic package”, together with the possible extras and options.

BUILDING CHARACTERISTICSBoxes Kingly con acabado en marron

  • Standard lengths: fronts: 300 and 350 cm; partitions: 300, 350 and 400 cm
  • Closed frame with double flange profile (55 mm high and 50 mm wide)
  • Height of fronts: 230 cm (240 cm including the posts, and 265 cm including the ball finials) and partitions: 230 cm
  • Grille with 27-mm-diameter bars; distance between bars: 53 mm
  • Central swinging door with built-in slam latch, extra security lock on lower part and adjustable eccentric hinges
  • Round door posts (240 cm high and 133 mm in diameter) with stylish cast horse heads or round collar ball finials
  • Round base of posts: 28.5 cm in diameter and 10 mm high
  • Partitions with grille on top part, fully closed or mixed (1 m closed and grille on top part)
  • 28-mm-thick tongue and groove recycled plastic boards; colours: brown, black, grey
  • Height of bottom panels: 129.5 cm
  • Feed opening (25 x 23 cm)
  • Easy substitution of boards
  • 2-cm distance from the floor to allow liquids through
  • Steel components are hot dip galvanized in accordance with NEN and ISO 1461 standards, with no sharp edges
  • Excellent finish and traditional stable appearance

EXTRASFrontales kingly con acabados en azul

  • Ventilation grooves in boards
  • Door in two parts; with swinging grille in top part
  • Sliding bar section in feed opening
  • Revolving manger system (360º)


  • Tropical hardwood or bamboo boards instead of recycled plastic
  • Recycled plastic in other RAL colours
  • Double flange profile frames (55 x 60 mm) and 38-mm-thick boards
  • Connection post between front and side partitions
  • Special dimensions
  • Multi-layer coating in RAL colour

Boxes Kingly con detalles dorados

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