PVC-U fences for equestrian facilities

Duralock manufactures two types of fencing for equestrian facilities: classic fences, which have got rectangular 150 x 100 mm vertical posts with a fixing spike, and a special fencing solution for riding arenas with square 100 x 100 mm posts. Both models are built with their particular award-winning design.

These fences are made of PVC-U, i.e. a stabilized PVC, with impact modifiers, ultraviolet inhibitors and other details which make them an exceptionally safe and long-lasting fencing solution. The difference between the two models is that the rectangular posts are fixed with an embedded steel spike and are partly filled with concrete; they are mainly used for fields, paddocks, round pens and horse walkers because of their more solid structure. On the other hand, the square posts are also filled with concrete to a certain height, but with no spike, so that if an accident were to occur, the fencing will offer less resistance and will be safer.

Vallados en PVC-U para Hípica, muestra una pista con varios jinetes entrenandoThis incredibly resistant system is completely safe. The smooth rounded surfaces and concealed fixings, together with the fencing’s ability to flex and absorb impacts, significantly reduce the risk of injury. In very high impact situations, the rail is designed to spring out to minimize harm, and then may be quickly and easily reassembled.

We can also supply barriers and single or double gates of different sizes, complete with their support posts, hinges and locking devices.

Duralock also manufactures a widely used, officially approved fencing solution to delimit dressage arenas. It is easily installed and includes a stainless steel fixing spike for greater strength if it is intended for a permanent arena.

We also offer PVC-U 300 x 120 cm moveable fences or barriers, with weighted feet for greater stability and 2 or 3 horizontal rails. These fences can be assembled to form a continuous fence, especially useful for the temporary division or marking off of arenas, amongst other uses.

There are customers who use the typical racecourse “swan-neck” fencing for their riding schools and arenas, even with some variations. The main advantage of this type of fencing is that the harrowing is easier because the posts are outside the arena. Since these fences are moveable, both the riders’ and horses’ safety upon impact is significantly enhanced, which is important, for example, when working with young horses.

We have a specific Duralock fence catalogue and plenty of information about its installation at your disposal. If you wish to receive a no obligation estimate, please contact us.

You can find updated prices of PVC fences on our website and, as an example, an estimate of the linear metre cost of a 2-rail PVC-U fence.

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