Different Materials for the Arena Footing

The state and quality of your arena footing is an important factor in the general development and health of horses. Most traditional footings lack the sufficient consistency, either they are too soft and horses sink too deep, or they become hard and packed after several days of work, with the subsequent problems for the drainage system and a high risk of injury for horses.


Vista cercana de las fibras GEOPAT

The most advisable type of footing is one which combines consistency with a cushion effect, vital for the well-being of horses and riders, and which minimizes the maintenance costs of the arena. To optimize the footing, it is essential to use good quality sand which, depending on the desired texture, may be mixed with geotextile material, either in flakes or in fibre form, with two different purposes.

After many years of searching for a product which would favour the consistency and flexibility of arena footings for the different equestrian modalities, GEOPAT was launched in 1991. GEOPAT is a geotextile product presented in small flakes (up to 2 x 2 cm) of fabric made of fibrous synthetic materials (100 % polyester) which are interwoven like a net (its fibres or filaments intertwine lengthwise and width-wise bi-dimensionally). We are talking about a thoroughly tested product which has been approved by the TNO KUNSTOFFEN EN RUBBER INSTITUT who has certified that GEOPAT is not easily polluted and has no adverse effects on the environment.

GEOPAT can be white and also slightly greenish. In Spain, where sunlight is very intense, the white arenas made with silica sand have the disadvantage of excessively reflecting sunrays and may dazzle horses and riders. Greenish GEOPAT diminishes this negative effect.

GEOPAT is compatible with all types of sand. Depending on the type of sand, a different concentration of geotextile per square meter is used. The mixing process is simple and direct and can be done in a few hours with standard agricultural machinery. It is supplied packed and palletized according to the amount required.

GEOPAT is the geotextile material with the best results in riding arenas all over Europe. It is an inexpensive and ideal solution to obtain a perfect arena footing. Beware of imitations: this is a registered trademark distributed in Spain by LUPA IBERICA, S.A.

For more information, please contact us..


Vista ampliada delas fibras de Geotextil

Geotextile material is not always presented in flake form. It also exists in loose fibres and its use is different from that of flakes. Geotextile fibres are used in riding arenas as a binding agent.

Depending on the composition or finish we wish to give the arena footing, it may be necessary to mix sand with geotextile fibres, or even with a mixture of fibres and flakes. Fibres are supplied packed and palletized and are mixed depending on the type of sand.

LUPA sells geotextile fabric in flake form (GEOPAT), fibres and different mixtures of both, according to the type of arena the client wishes to build. For more information, please contact us.


Vista a suelo de pista de la composición de la pista incluyendo fibra de yute GCT Organic Grip

In light of the refusal of several European countries to use industrial fibres for riding arena footings because they are not ecological, in 2020 a new product was launched: GCT ORGANIC GRIP. This natural product has been tested with success and we offer it now in Spain to our customers.

GCT ORGANIC GRIP consists of pieces of jute fibre for riding arena footings. It provides consistency, retains moisture (47 % absorption) and reduces friction. Jute fibre is breathable, antistatic, resistant to UV rays and temperature changes, highly resistant to traction, long lasting and completely biodegradable. Since it is a natural product, it does not harm the environment.

We supply this product only upon request and after making an estimate. It is presented packed in pallets of about 840 kg and is mixed depending on the type of sand. Natural colour. If you are interested in this product, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can find the prices of the different solutions in the Construction of riding arenas section of our store.

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