PVC-U fences for racecourses

In this category we include PVC-U fences for racecourses. They are “made-to-measure fences”, since they must adjust to different track designs; permanent or moveable; with different exits; sometimes double (to separate different tracks); with weld mesh panels or bars to separate the crowd, weigh-in or exhibition areas, etc. And always with an extra safety factor: concealed fixings and a great elasticity upon impact, enabling them to be easily disassembled without risk and then quickly reassembled. (See the Duralock video in our video section).

Caballo y jockey en medio de una carrera tras un vallado PVC de cuello de cisneDuralock is the world leading manufacturer of fencing systems for racecourses. The patented design of their fences and their easy installation and transport have won several international awards. Duralock fences do not warp, split, chip, peel, break or crack; nor do they become brittle or splintered because of the weather. The PVC-U formulation with ultraviolet inhibitors, together with the impact modifiers, provides incredible strength and durability. The smooth rounded surfaces of all the elements and the concealed fixings make Duralock fencing exceptionally safe.

Duralock can also provide fences with special shapes for jumping areas, safe fences and obstacles for steeplechase and a whole range of specific products for training centres and racecourses.

Special mention should be made of their marker system for trotting racecourse. These are basically polycarbonate articulated pylons which yield to impact and then automatically return to their original position. The system has many advantages: it can be perfectly adapted to the track’s design, it is harmless for the animals and the ‘sulkys’, and makes the maintenance of the track’s edges easier.

If you are interested, please ask for specific catalogues, and/ or estimates.

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