American-style Barns and Blocks

LUPA sells and installs prefab barns for stables made of different materials and with several layouts. Regarding design, we install blocks of stalls back-to-back, with a barn-style gable roof and doors to the outside for each stall, without a central aisle. We also have barns with a central aisle and partition walls on either side. When we talk about back-to-back stalls, we call them blocks; when talking about those with a central aisle, we call them “American-style barns”.

Bloque de boxes unidos con nave formando el tejado exteriorIn both cases, the outside and inside walls are the stalls’ own panels, to which we add a galvanized steel structure, a roofing that may be insulated or not, external eaves and sliding or swinging doors. And, of course, tack rooms and grooming and wash areas can also be included.

American-style barns are highly convenient in very rainy or very cold places, where all the basic stable work and the pre- and post-riding activities must be done indoors. They are also useful when working with a large number of animals, because indoor stalls are more functional and labour efficient. The stalls can have windows and/or individual doors to the outside, in the event that you build small paddocks next to the barn.

The indoor stalls can be supplied in any of the different models available, in any size and with all the options and extras that are mentioned in the corresponding section.

Interior de nave tipo American Barn con los boxes interiores y pasillo centralThe outside walls can be made of recycled plastic with anti-expansion profiles or of tropical hardwood. Recycled plastic guarantees a long, maintenance-free life and several possible colours. Depending on their size and design, there may be one or more entry doors and these can be placed on the short or the long side of the barn, as convenient.

The type of construction of these prefab barns might make it easier to obtain the necessary licenses, since they may be considered disassemblable structures. They also have the advantage of being designed specifically for horses, and allow for the selection of a wide range of elements to customize them: roof colour, doors, windows… And most importantly, they are built very quickly.

If you wish to receive more information or an estimate, please contact us.

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