Arena Harrows

A good maintenance of the arena footing is essential for the horses’ health and for the image given by the yard or club. For this purpose, it is vital to use the appropriate implements. The different arenas, depending on their composition and watering system, require different implements for their correct maintenance.

LUPA offers a very wide range of high-quality horse arena harrows which aerate, mix, grind, water and level arena footings in one go with just one tool. Nowadays, these implements are present in countless equestrian facilities all over the world. The manufacturers’ know-how and the quality of the materials used guarantee efficiency, effectiveness, safety and perfect results.

Rastra con enganches para ser arrastradas por quadHarrows can be used both in indoor schools and outdoor arenas, they have different attachment systems depending on the towing vehicle (tractor, 4x4, quad…), and can be adjusted according to the footing density desired and the equestrian discipline: dressage, jumping, Western…

To determine the most appropriate model for you, consider the following factors:

  • The surface you wish to take care of (type and m2)
  • The vehicle used to tow the harrow (power and width)
  • Whether it must incorporate a watering system or not

According to this all, we can offer you:

  • The most appropriate type of roller for your arena footing
  • The most appropriate attachment for your towing vehicle
  • A harrow with the ideal width for your facilities
  • An adjustable and efficient watering system to level and water the arena in one go

Rastra arrastrada por tractorYou will find arena harrows that can be hooked on to a tractor and also, for those yards that do not have a tractor, complements exist that allow the user to decide the depth of use and thus enable them to be towed by 4 x 4 vehicles.

A very common problem in all arenas is the footing piling up near the rail or the arena kick-wall. We have found a specific solution for this: we offer an implement, with an adjustable support wheel, which “pulls in” the sand from the outer part of the arena. It can also include a small wheel to protect the arena kick-wall.

If you are looking for a good tool for the maintenance of your arenas, isit the store section of our website or, contact us to ask for more information.

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