STANDARD Corton Stall

The Standard-I indoor stall for horses can be included in the category of “stalls of normal use” and is the most economical of all models. The frame consists of a classic solid profile with inward-facing double flanges that allow for the immediate and firm fixing of the boards and provide the unbreakable stiffness required to absorb the considerable lateral forces horses can produce.

Below, you will find the general characteristics of this model, though we suggest you take a look at the comparative table we offer to check the differences with the other most common models.

BUILDING CHARACTERISTICSLupa Ibérica. Box Interior Standard

  • Standard lengths: fronts: 300 and 350 cm; partitions: 300, 350 and 400 cm
  • Closed steel frame with double flanges (55 mm high and 50 mm wide)
  • Height of front walls: 220 cm (224 cm including the rail) and partitions: 220 cm
  • Grille with 22-mm-diameter bars; distance between bars: 60 mm
  • 124-cm-wide sliding door, 114-cm opening, opening in grille and 240-cm-rail
  • Solid automatic locking bar system
  • Partitions with grille on top part, fully closed or mixed (1 m closed and grille on top part)
  • 28-mm-thick tongue and groove recycled plastic boards; colours: brown, black, grey
  • Height of bottom panels: 124 cm
  • Feed opening (25 x 23 cm)
  • Easy substitution of boards
  • 2-cm distance from the floor to allow liquids through
  • Steel components are hot dip galvanized in accordance with NEN and ISO 1461 standards, with no sharp edges

EXTRASLupa Ibérica. Perfil del box Standard de Corton

  • Removable bar section to close door grille
  • Closed bar section in sliding door
  • Swinging grille (window) in sliding door
  • Sliding grille in feed opening
  • Revolving manger system (360º)
  • Swinging door
  • 44 x 44 cm grille in top part of closed partitions


  • Tropical hardwood or bamboo boards instead of recycled plastic
  • Recycled plastic in other RAL colours
  • Special dimensions
  • Closed fronts with key for tack room
  • Multi-layer coating in RAL colour

Note: Corton’s recycled plastic boards are tongue and grooved, have an homogenous finish and are resistant to UV rays, unlike other products mainly from Eastern Europe or China, of lower quality.

Otra configuración de opciones de box Standard

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