Drainoflex Mat

DRAINOFLEX is a 55-mm-thick mat especially indicated for stall floors with no bedding, recovery boxes in hospitals and wash areas since it lets liquids pass through very easily.

DRAINOFLEX is the most tested rubber mat in the market. The first tests were done 25 years ago, supervised and later endorsed by renowned Dr. Peter Kronau in the recovery boxes of his hospital. Countless universities and hospitals have installed it since. Today, its use is very frequent not only in hospitals, but also in stud farms and yards that decide to minimize bedding and labour costs. These mats have also been widely imitated, but everybody knows that a copy is never the same as the original.

Its resistance is outstanding: it can perfectly bear the horse’s weight (even when shod) urine, disinfectants, detergents, etc. The underside looks like an egg box which, being permeable, allows for the quick draining of liquids. The manure which remains on the surface can be easily removed and the mats can be washed with water and ordinary detergents. It is advisable to lift the mats periodically to thoroughly clean and disinfect the stall floor; then the mats can be replaced again.

DRAINOFLEX mats offer the safest bedding for stalls since not only do they prevent horses slipping and maybe injuring themselves, they also let any liquid (water, urine…) pass quickly through and thus no puddles form. The mats are very easy to install: you only have to lay them on the floor since their weight will keep them in place; no fixing is needed. They can be cut if the stall’s size requires it.


Planchas Drainoflex para suelo del box sin instalar para mostrar sus detalles

  • Surface : rough but flat, formed by granulated rubber
  • Lower side : egg box form
  • Material : grinded rubber, then moulded, compressed and glued
  • Dimensions of mat : 100x100 cm.
  • Thickness : 5,5 cm.
  • Unit weight : 36 kg.

Visit our video on the use of Drainoflex mats or look for the updated prices of Drainoflex rubber mats.

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