PAVESAFE is the name of a type of floor pavers made of granulated rubber and with a double-T form. They are used for floors or walkways which require elasticity and an immaculate finish.

The market is full of imitations, but PAVESAFE offers pavers specifigrinded rubber, then moulded, compressed and gluedcally designed to be used with horses. It has the following characteristics: it is a permeable flooring, heat-insulating, non-slip, sound-deadener, pleasant and positive for joints, and thoroughly tested. These pavers are ideal for horse walkways, aisles and wash areas. However, because they wear away faster than more modern vulcanized rubber mats, they are not appropriate for intensely used areas, such as horse-walkers.

The most recommended PAVESAFE pavers to use with horses are 43 mm thick and can be supplied in any of three colours (black, red, green). 36 pavers cover approximately 1 m², and a pallet contains about 30 m2. For installation, a very even base is required, with perimeter limits, though gluing is not necessary.

For outdoor facilities, it is also important to allow for a 1 % slope to drain water and humidity, since continuous humidity may damage the binding product of the grinded rubber.


Duchas interiores pavimentadas con adoquines Pavesafe

  • Surface : rough but flat, formed by granulated rubber
  • Lower side : rough but flat, formed by granulated rubber
  • Material : grinded rubber, then moulded, compressed and glued
  • Dimensions of mat : 200 x 165 mm.
  • Thickness : 43 mm.
  • Unit weight : 42 kg./m2

You can find the updated prices of Pavesafe pavers in the Store section of our website.

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