Advice and consultancy

Knowing a lot about horses is not enough when it comes to facing the design and development of a project or the building of specific facilities. Mistakes can easily be made at the beginning of any project and may result irreparable, thus rendering useless a huge personal and financial effort.

The main issue is to clearly determine the philosophy and scope of the idea one intends to develop, i.e. what you want to do. This initial idea should then be discussed with an expert who may suggest other possibilities which will help to define the “what, where, how and when”.

Construcción de una pista hípica en el RACE de Madrid con Equestrian facilities have to be planned from the very beginning, since the selection of the site, because an area designed for equestrian activity requires a few minimal conditions.

LUPA, founded in 1986, has taken part and worked in a great variety of projects and its technicians boast a huge professional experience that no other company can offer you. We keep up to date, continuously retraining our staff, to be able to offer a logical, functional and professional opinion.

We collaborate with the most renowned architecture and engineering studios and work with suppliers who offer quality solutions, together with research and cutting-edge products. We are used to giving advice and helping select solutions and materials. We search for offers and bargains; we also supply, build, install and prepare projects; we value, control and certify construction sites, building works and facilities.


Contact us. You have everything to win and nothing to lose.

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