Horseback riding is not always without risk, and safety is a very important concept to bear in mind. Indoor riding halls have to meet a lot of safety demands for both horses and riders. One of the essential elements of an indoor riding school is the arena kick-wall. Building one with the appropriate size, lean and material to offer safety for both riders and horses is often a problem.

Traditionally, kick-walls have been built in timber, because it is considered a “soft” material capable of absorbing impacts and limiting the risk of injury for riders, if they were to crash into it, and for horses, who often hit the wall with their hooves.

LUPA offers two easy-to-install renowned solutions for your arena kick-wall:


it consists of thermoformed plywood boards glued in accordance with EN314 standards and with a specific design for kick-walls. The dimensions of a standard board/sheet are: 110 cm wide; 125 cm high; and 26 mm thick. The boards are hung from the wall or a support structure by means of lag screws; they are fixed 15 cm above the actual floor of the arena so, when you add their height of 125 cm, you get a traditional 140-cm-high kick-wall.

We also offer another cheaper model in DM thermoformed timber. It is 100 cm wide, 125 cm high and 16 mm thick. For both models, we can offer boards of different heights for pony arenas or higher walls.

The sheets are resistant to moisture, though we recommend you treat them once installed with two coatings of Lasur protection and then repeat this treatment from time to time so as to prevent them from being damaged by the near-constant humidity caused by the arena’s watering system. The boards may be painted if you wish to give the riding hall your own particular style.

Thermoformed timber kick-walls have two main advantages over traditional ones:

  • They are long-lasting and are not affected by the floor’s moisture, since they are not embedded in the arena footing.
  • The maintenance of the arena footing is easier,because the harrow can be passed over the whole surfacewithout damaging the kick-wall, since it is higher than the floor itself.

Vista de picadero cubierto con guardabotas sintético instaladoSYNTHETIC KICK-WALL :

it has been especially developed and produced under the most cutting-edge technology so as to offer riders and horses the highest degree of safety. It consists of modern looking, waterproof, flexible sheets made in high quality plastic, capable of resisting any mechanical load and available in many different colours. Standard dimensions: 141 cm high and 93 cm wide. They are easily fixed to the existing wall by means of lag screws. We have self-supporting systems in the case of open-sided riding schools.

Its main advantages are:

Safety: smooth surface, rounded edges and highly shock-absorbing material.

Durable : made from special waterproof synthetic materials specifically designed for this use and which last a lifetime.

Maintenance: because of the smooth surfaces and non-stick qualities dirt cannot stick to the wall, which is easily cleaned by simply spraying it with water.

Easy to install: the wall is incredibly user-friendly. It is fixed with lag screws, uses a unique door-opening solution and can be easily installed by non-qualified personnel.

You can find the prices of all our models in the Kick-wall section of our online store.

If you want to receive an estimate including shipping costs, please contact us.

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