Belmondo Basic

BELMONDO® BASIC rubber flooring is recommended both for stalls and for barn aisles, even where machinery is used.

The use of rubber mats in stalls offers several advantages: the stall’s living conditions improve and they protect hooves, tendons and joints. They also provide insulation from the cold and the moisture that may come up from the concrete floor, a lot of bedding is saved, and they are non-slip, so they help horses get up when lying down. BELMONDO® BASIC fulfils these requirements because it is flexible, waterproof and heat-insulating.

BELMONDO® BASIC is very hygienic and its maintenance is especially easy. If the stall is cleaned properly, horses’ hooves will remain dry and will not be exposed to the aggressive action of urine.


Interior de nava de boxes con suelos Belmondo Basic

  • Surface : horseshoe profile
  • Lower side : grooves
  • Material : vulcanized rubber
  • Dimensions :
    • Thickness : 18mm
    • Length : 1m
    • Width : 1m
  • Approx. unit weight: 20,2 kg.
  • 4 sides with puzzle shape edges
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 5 years

You can find the price of Belmondo Basic rubber mats in our store section.

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