Ecoraster Antipollution Grille

If we intend to build a good-quality arena footing by our own means, there are two aspects we must take special care of: installing an intermediate antipollution draining element as support layer, and building a surface layer with the adequate conditions for the intended use of the arena.

By intermediate antipollution element we mean a product that avoids horses pushing the surface layer fines into the lower layers of the footing (which would block the drainage system), and at the same time prevents stones coming up to the surface from the lower layers. The most practical element designed to separate the surface and subsoil layers of a riding arena is the ECORASTER grille.

Construcción de una pista hípica aplicando rejilla ecoraster antes del volcado de arenaECORASTER grilles have the following features: they are easy to install; they stabilize the footing and offer a homogeneous surface along the whole arena; they provide permeability and allow water to pass through the entire surface of the arena; they are elastic; they distribute the surface loads; and they protect joints and tendons.

Regarding riding arenas, as in many other equestrian areas, the increase in the number of horse lovers and riders and the greater demands of elite competitions have brought about a great evolution in the design of these grilles over time. They are now more modern and technical, more specialized, their design has improved and, with it, their elasticity, grip, load distribution, water storing capacity, horizontal and transverse drainage… This is why different types of grille exist for the different types of arena footings and their intended use: competition arenas, lounging round pens, horse walkers, country estate or field entrances, paddocks…

ECORASTER grilles are very resistant and ideal for the Spanish continental climate (where rain is scarce, though when it does rain, the volume is considerable and falls in a short time), because the whole surface of the arena lets the water pass through. Therefore, they act as an integral drainage system.

We recommend you to watch the video "Cómo arreglar una pista hípica" in the video section of this website. And if you need more information or a no obligation estimate, please contact us.

Prices can be found in Ecoraster Grille models.

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