Frequently Ask Questions

What do RP, PROF and GPP prices mean?

These are three decreasing prices which you will have access to according to the volume of your purchase. They are determined by a “point-awarding” system: items are valued according to different percentages which award varying amounts of points to your purchase. RP is the retail price. If your global purchase exceeds 400 points, you will automatically be entitled to the PROF prices (Professional), and if it exceeds 1,500 points, you will be entitled to GPP prices (Great purchase price). The system will inform you of the state of your “points account”.

Will I get a better price if I prove I am a professional?

No, the volume of your purchase marks the prices you are entitled to. If your purchase is substantial enough, you will be able to buy at the best price possible.

Do the prices include carriage costs and VAT?

As certain Autonomous Communities have special regimes and, also, many of our clients do not live in Spain, our prices DO NOT include carriage costs or VAT. They will be calculated at the end of your purchase..

What does a product with a value of 100% mean?

The percentage indicates the amount of points attributable to each item compared to its total value when purchased. If it has a value of 100%, it will give you as many points as its actual price.

What do the asterisks following the name of an item mean?

To help you with your choice, apart from a photograph and a full description of each item, you will find a series of asterisks used by LUPA to further characterize it:

  • ** Non-professional product with a cheap price.
  • *** Professional product of medium quality and a competitive price.
  • **** Professional product of high quality at an appropriate price.
Will I find the same prices on the web site and at the store?

Yes, the prices and purchase conditions are the same for both the on-line orders and any purchase at the store itself.

How can I place an order on-line?

Placing an order on-line is:

  • Simple:you must first register as a user and then you will automatically be able to choose any number of items you wish, add them to your shopping basket, and keep on adding items until you have all you want. At any moment, you may check the bill and/or modify the basket. If you were already registered, you may connect yourself directly by inserting your e-mail and your personal password.
  • Quick: click “confirm purchase” and it will be immediately sent to LUPA.
  • Safe: if you live in the Iberian Peninsula and your order contains products which may be sent by ordinary parcel service, you will be able to use the payment gateway. Your data will be directly sent to the bank, who guarantees their complete safety. If your order cannot be sent by parcel service or if it has to be sent to the Canary Islands, the Balearics or abroad, the system will not allow you to use the payment gateway. On receiving your order, we will check our stock, together with the price, weight and volume of your purchase, and we will make an estimate of the carriage costs. We will then send an e-mail to you confirming the final cost of your order, including carriage costs and VAT, if applicable, and explaining the forms of payment you can use.
What do you mean when an item is marked as “out of stock”?

There are products that are always marked as "out of stock" because they are products tailor-made or produce for a concrete order, for example, a box gate.

It is the same, when these products are design to facilitate their measure or comprenhension, for example, if you want to fence 100 meters with 3 lines texas fence, you would calculate the total number of vertical and horizontal post, screws, texan clamps... To facilitate, we create an item called M.L. TEXAN FENCE 3 ALT, with the one meter price (all already calculate), obviously, it is "out of stock" because it is an imagine product, but we have got all of its components.

Will you re-stock an item which is marked as “out of stock”?

If an item is sold out, we try to re-stock it as soon as possible.

Will I receive the same product I see on the photograph?

In broad outline yes, though manufacturers reserve their right to modify their products to improve them, which may imply some kind of variation.

If I make an on-line order, when will I receive it?

Delivery times depend on the type of product, the total purchase volume and its destination. In the Peninsula, those orders which can be sent by courier service in an envelope will be delivered in a maximum of two working days since the drawing date and shipping. Large orders may require a longer delivery time.

Where can I receive my order?

We will send your order to any address you wish. The carriage costs are paid by the client and depend on the products ordered, their destination, weight and volume. Example: The peninsular cost in a "multi-envelope", and all we can insert in it, is 6 €

What security do I have that I will receive what I have ordered and paid for?

LUPA has been in existence for 25 years. In 2006, the International Chamber of Commerce awarded us with its ChamberTrust seal certifying the quality of our web site, the accurateness of the information found within, and our professionalism in our on-line transactions. All this should obviously offer security and reassure all users.

What should I do if I receive a faulty or incorrect item?

LUPA does not send faulty products, but an item may be damaged during its transportation. All goods shipped will be covered by a general insurance which the hauler is obliged by law to have. Any fault or damage to the package or product must be duly registered on the hauler’s delivery note, if a future claim against him were to be pursued. A specific insurance can be taken out at the client’s express request and previously paid by the client. If the items delivered were not the correct ones, LUPA would substitute the mistaken items with no cost for the client. You have a period of 7 days to lodge a complaint. LUPA’s general terms of sale and services conditions, which appear on the back of the invoices, include a specific section for on-line sales.

Can I change or return an item?

Yes. You have a seven-day period to do this. The carriage costs will be met by the client.

Can I buy tax-free?

LUPA issues invoices for all its sales. If you prove that you are not liable to paying the VAT, we will not charge you such a tax.

How can I ask for an estimate?

Open “contact us”, fill in all the required data and below, on “message”, please explain clearly and concisely what you need. You will receive your estimate in the shortest possible time.

Is your assessment free of charge?

Any enquiry and/or information requested is free. If you need a construction project plan which implies the work of experts, journeys, planning... we will be delighted to send you an appropriate estimate for your consideration.

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