PVC Fences

PVC fences for horses are a good investment, provided they are made of PVC-U, which comes with a special treatment to preserve its properties and prevent its crystallization even if it has to endure intense sunlight and/or frost. Moreover, they are easy to install, resistant, flexible upon impact, readily adaptable to any needs, and they look superb. DURALOCK fences can boast all these qualities.

Vista de varios caballos, jinetes y visitantes en medio de un concursoWe have PVC fences for fields, paths and tracks, paddocks, horse walkers and riding arenas, with any height and number of rails the client may require. We also have special fences for mobile enclosures, dressage arenas and racecourses (with different models for flat races, trotting races, steeplechase obstacles…), all of them made of an anti-impact material which offers special protection for riders and horses.

Duralock fences that are specially treated for warm-climate countries come with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We can also supply barriers and single or double gates of different sizes, as well as other fencing models for houses, gardens or sports facilities.

If after visiting our website and seeing the different models you want to receive a specific catalogue or an estimate, please contact us.

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