LUPA is not only horses. Our installation division has worked hand in hand with many architecture studies to build animal shelters, zoos and veterinary hospitals, just to give some examples. We have also supplied practical and functional devices, made with materials strong enough to resist animals’ actions, the cleaning and disinfecting of facilities and any type of weather. Some of these facilities are references for other projects.

Edificio de Santuario de animales con Gatera adosadaWe have a long history of collaboration with official agencies and non-profit organizations to create animal shelters and rescue centres, and with veterinary hospitals, private breeders… We only take care of the materials we can supply and also install in different types of facilities and stables.

True pet lovers want only the very best for their animals, not a wretched dog’s life in a miserable cabin with draughts, but a good kennel which offers shelter and protection.

On the other hand, no dog or cat likes not being able to move around. Freedom of movement is an essential living condition for animals. LUPA, together with CORTON, has created high-quality and very functional facilities that meet these requirements and have turned them into a symbol and a reference within the professional market. We are not talking only about kennels, but also about a whole series of elements for amateurs and professionals alike, such as beds, guillotine doors, cages for hospitals and shops, trap cages, vaccination cages, newborn puppy playpens, etc.

Perrera noctura individual de gran tamañoWe can create playpens with assemblable elements or fences which can be combined according to each customer’s ideas or needs. These fences come in one height (193 cm), and three lengths: 100, 150 and 200 cm. Combining them, we can build virtually any size of playpen.

We offer elements built with bars, thermo-welded mesh, Volkern or profiled sheet. The barred panels present different distances between the bars, depending on the size of the dogs they are intended for. There are also other types of panels: with doors, with an opening to enter the kennel, with revolving feed bowls… In addition, we have different roofing systems and all the necessary elements to assemble and fix the playpens and kennels.

We also manufacture custom-made doors with portholes for inspection and trapdoors that can be moved at a distance; large and comfortable night cabins with anti-draught mats and insulation; bigger kennels with an indoor night cabin; and other elements that conform a professional catalogue which you may see in the catalogue section of our website.

In our store’s catalogue you will find the updated prices of our Elements for pets. If you are interested in receiving more information or an estimate, please contact us.

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