Beo-band fencing for horses is a cutting edge industrial product developed with a triple purpose in mind:  safety, quality and durability. It is a tape made of a mixture of polyester and PVC, of such high quality that it is practically unbreakable (resistance: 900 kg/cm²). It is ideal for fencing fields, lounging round-pens, horse walkers and riding arenas. Beo-Band is easy to install: it is fixed on metal or timber posts with thin aluminium plates or plastic straps, and then tensed by means of tensioners at either end of the line that may be interspersed along the fence, depending on its length and form.

Beo-band is maintenance-free, it is not sensitive to ultra-violet rays, will bear temperatures from -30ºC up to +50ºC, has no sharp or cutting edges and no hard elements. The product is 100 % safe for your animals. It comes in three colours: white, black and green, and has got a 5-YEAR guarantee from the manufacturer.

When used in fields, we recommend you reinforce it with electric fencing in order to prevent animals from leaning against the fence, pushing it, or scratching themselves against it. These actions might move the support posts or loosen the Beo-Band.

You can find different setup options for your  Beo-Band fence in our online store.

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