Animat Mats

ANIMAT rubber mats are non-slip, heat-insulating and waterproof. They are ideal for wash areas, shoeing areas, grooming areas, stalls, trailers and vans.

Since horses usually spend most of the time looking over their stall door, many owners and riders search to improve their living conditions, protect the horse’s joints, avoid accidents when entering or exiting the stall, save bedding and, at the same time make the minimum investment possible, so they simply lay a single mat on the inside of the stall’s door. The dimensions of ANIMAT mats enable this use, as well as installing them in grooming areas, drying areas…

These mats are very easy to install, they can be simply deposited on the floor. Their weight will keep them in place.

Mats are black and have a grooved underside and a granulated surface.


Plancha animat ligeramente doblada para percibir la superficie y el revés

  • Surface : non-slip exclusive design to evacuate water
  • Lower side : grooved, with longitudinal lines to evacuate water
  • Material : 100 % high-density rubber
  • Dimensions : 183x122cm aprox.
  • Thickness : 18mm.
  • Approx. unit weight : 49 kg aprox.

You can find the price of Animat mats in our Store section.

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