Protection Mats

In this section, we present a series of impact protection mats which are very necessary for the daily contact of horses with the facilities they live in. These protections have a double mission: to protect the facilities against any damage caused by the horses and to protect the animals’ health and wellbeing with regard to their own actions.

Very often, horses try to call our attention by banging on their doors, especially metallic ones, which are noisier. This has three important consequences: there is an obvious risk for the horse, the noise produced is quite irritating, and this vice may be transmitted to neighbouring horses. All these problems can be easily solved by lining the inside of the door with a material which absorbs the impact and protects the horse.

Other horses give vent to their stress or extra energy by kicking the walls, which may damage the stall and entails an obvious risk for the animal. We offer mats of proven effectiveness which are easy to install and may, at least, reduce the risk of injury, even if they do not eliminate the vice of kicking walls.

We offer several types of wall and door linings for: stalls, inspection stands, mating areas, hospital boxes, recovery rooms, shoeing areas, wash areas, solariums and horse-walker walls. The type of mat chosen will depend on the problem which we are trying to minimize, the features required, the installation method and the manufacturer’s professionalism.

Below we offer several useful and proven solutions.


 Revestimiento para boxes Belmondo Rodeo

BELMONDO RODEO mats are made of vulcanized rubber. They are waterproof and are designed to protect the animal and the stall and to reduce noise. BELMONDO RODEO is a simple and good-looking solution to protect the walls and doors of stalls against the horse’s impacts and kicking, and at the same time it is an effective noise insulator.

BELMONDO RODEO imitates timber boards with screws and it is ideal to line stall walls and the inside of doors because it reduces the risk of injury, especially for knees and hooves. The installation is easy: the mat can be cut to any measure and then it can be fixed with thin metal plates as a frame, simply by means of lag screws with washers to increase the gripping surface, or it may also be stuck to the wall with a specific glue.

BELMONDO RODEO mats are 3.5 m long, in order to cover a whole wall with a single mat, and they are 1.30 m high. The mats are very strong, 11 mm thick and with a weight of about 14 kg/m2. Colour: black.


Revestimiento para pareces Komfortex instalado

KOMFORTEX® is an elastic and permeable lining for walls. It is strong, long-lasting, easy to maintain and water-resistant. It is used to protect stall walls from horses that kick; therefore, it is sound deadening, it protects walls from damage and reduces the risk of injury for horses.

KOMFORTEX® is available in rolls which can be cut and it is relatively easy to install. Depending on the surfaces, it can be fixed using thin metal plates and screws or, better still, with a specific glue.

KOMFORTEX® is made of finely granulated rubber and a 15 % of coloured granulated EPDM rubber, mixed with a polyurethane binder. It is sold in 1.5-m-wide and 15-m-long rolls, with three different thicknesses: 8, 10 and 12 mm; and in three different colours: blue black, red black, grey black.


Revestimiento para Recovery Rooms, importante en clínicas y salas de curas

This is a padded lining for walls and doors of veterinary hospitals, treatment rooms, and preparation or recovery rooms. It has a washable outer surface and is made of a black, high-quality and high-resistance (900 kg/cm2) mixture of polyester and PVC with a 4-cm padding. It is fixed to the walls by means of special plastic skirting boards and straps.

We need to know the specific measures to be able to prepare an estimate. It is sold upon request.

You can find the prices of Protection matsin the corresponding section of our online Store.

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