LUPA was the first company in Spain to use laminated timber beams in the building of indoor riding schools. They are quick and easy to install, allow for large open-plan spaces and are incredibly good-looking. We also offer portable indoor riding schools with a metal framework and high-resistance tarpaulin, very useful, less expensive and with less stricter demands regarding building licenses. Last but not least, we also offer two essential elements for indoor arenas: synthetic and thermoformed timber kick-walls and above-ground watering system.

Vista de nave con boxes interioresAmerican-style barn are highly convenient in very rainy or very cold places, where all the basic stable work and the pre- and post-riding activities must be done indoors. They are also useful when working with a large number of animals, because indoor stalls are more functional and labour efficient, as we will see in their specific section.

The construction of stables is undoubtedly our strongest point. We can distinguish three types of stalls: outdoor, indoor and portable stalls. LUPA sells and installs outdoor loose boxes with different building concepts which can all boast a stylish design, many options and a well-known, proven quality.

Prefab partitions are now much more common than traditional brick walls to divide the inside of barns. This is so because: new stalls can be added when needed, we can make the most of the space available, less labour is required on a daily basis, and horses are psychologically healthier because they are in closer contact with one another.  CORTON’s indoor stalls stand out in the market for their versatility, functionality and high durability. If you want to know more about the construction of stalls and stables, please click here.

Portable stalls have been and still are present in the most relevant equestrian events, exhibitions, competitions and shows. They are built with galvanized-steel frames for all front walls and partitions, high-resistance HDPE plastic walls, 180º-swinging doors and an easy assembly system. They can be supplied with or without a roof.

Vista de boxes donde se aprecian las puertas y ventanasWe also sell and install field shelters with all the characteristics shelters should have: they must be functional, big enough to accommodate the intended number of animals, and they must offer adequate protection against cold and/or hot temperatures.

LUPA also sells and installs a wide range of building elements such as: single and double : doors (either sliding or swinging) for barns, loose boxes, courtyards and stables; stall windows, multipurpose partitions(for example, for wash areas or inspection stands), cross-tie posts, etc... All manufactured with the same quality and strength as the stables.

Rubber matting and wall linings to cover aisles, stalls, doors, wash and grooming areas, operating rooms, horse walkers, paddocks, walkways and other areas have improved significantly. Today there are specific solutions for each use. There are waterproof products or, on the other hand, draining products, which allow for machinery wheeling over them and present different textures and a variety of cushioning, insulating and resilience capacities. Among them all, BELMONDO products stand out for their proven quality, easy installation and guarantee.

Vista de una pista hípica en construcción con la rejilla drenante EcorasterThe construction of arenasis another of the most frequent requests we receive, and we have built or repaired many all over Spain. Arenas must be: uniform(the same texture throughout), shock-absorbing  (though not soft) and stable (not altered by rain). The challenge is to obtain a surface which will not cave in when wet and produces the minimum dust possible when dry, that drains well and is resistant to wear and erosion; it should also be flexible, to reduce the effort of the musculoskeletal system, but not too deep, to avoid fatiguing the horses too soon; and all with a reasonable cost.

LUPA can build your arena for you, but we can also supply the necessary construction elements for you to build it on your own or with your local constructor. We usually use two systems: ebb and flow, and integral drainage system with ECORASTERgrilles. We also supply all types of fibres.

LUPA is not only horses. We have been installing professional solutions for pets, especially dogs and cats, for many years now. We have built housing solutions for isolation areas or quarantines in official agencies, security companies, veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and private breeders. We would like to highlight the facilities built for Madrid’s Centro de Protección Animal, and the Centro Municipal de Atención Animal in Las Rozas.

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