Facility Equipment

In this section, we cover a whole range of solutions which address several needs in an equestrian facility but that we do not consider “small material” or finished products, more likely to be found in the STORE section.

Safety is a very important concept to bear in mind and indoor riding halls have to meet several protection requirements for both horses and riders. One of the essential elements of an indoor riding school is the arena kick-wall. Building one with the appropriate size, lean and material to offer safety for both riders and horses is often a problem. In the corresponding subsection you will find extensive information about kick-walls to surround indoor riding halls and also outdoor arenas. The two most common and modern types are: synthetic or thermoformed timber kick-walls.

Partitions or open bays for tie stalls are still an option that some people use to save space. This is why we provide information about two models: PROFESSIONAL and KINGLY. Partitions for wash, drying, or grooming areas are much more widely-used. We present three basic models: an independent partition that can be installed at a certain distance of the back wall or even with no back wall; a partition that must be fixed to a wall; and an independent partition made of galvanized tubes.

An essential element in stud farms, exam/treatment rooms and hospitals is an inspection stand. LUPA sells two models, one with telescopic tubes and full sight of the animal, designed to be used in treatment rooms, and another with recycled plastic or tropical hardwood sides, intended for stud farms or insemination centres. In the corresponding section you can find all their features and all the possibilities available.


With the aim of increasing safety and reducing stress, and for an easier and cheaper maintenance of stables, a better disinfection and healthier conditions, the demand of rubber flooring is growing more and more. In the market, we can find products with two types of manufacturing: those that are made with grinded rubber and those that consist of vulcanized rubber mats or tiles. In the corresponding section you will find a wide range of technical information with detailed descriptions of different rubber flooring solutions for walkways, stalls, stables, wash areas, grooming areas, horse walkers, hospital boxes, trailers and vans…

We also offer a series of impact protection mats for walls and doors whose purpose is to protect the facilities against any damage caused by the horses and to protect the animals’ health and wellbeing with regard to their own actions. We have several types of wall and door linings for: stalls, inspection stands, mating areas, hospital boxes, treatment rooms, shoeing areas, wash areas, stables and horse-walkers, among other uses. We offer different solutions depending on the problem which you intend to minimize.

Last but not least, we include a section which introduces you to the selection of arena material and actual jumps and obstacles for training, competitions and sponsors. Show jumping obstacles for competitions are in constant evolution, not only in their design but also in the materials with which they are built. Because of this evolution, it is necessary to count on a strong and trustworthy manufacturer who regularly invests in the research and development of new materials. We also offer all the material needed to round off your obstacles and weather-resistant training material that can be left outdoors the whole year round and used for daily work: double stands or wings, simple stands, cavaletti, ground poles, all of which are resistant, functional, easy to handle, polyvalent and inexpensive. We also have elements to renew your jumps, such as galvanized stand rails and cups, and pole storage racks.

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