Since 1.986, LUPA's Team has been a pioneer in introducing, from all around the world, the best products and solutions for equestrian facilities and activitiesWe have made huge progresses by sticking to three main principles: quality, service and competitive prices. During all these years in which we have successfully faced very important challenges, we have never forgotten this freely undertaken commitment. Our large number of clients is the best proof of it.

We have given advice to and collaborated with the most prestigious architecture and engineering studios, and we have constructed countless buildings and facilities; the majority of events and building works in which the hallmark was quality control and competitive prices have been implemented with our help. We would like to highlight our collaboration in different works related to the Barcelona Olympics (1992) and the World Equestrian Games of Jerez 2002. All this experience makes us stand out against our competitors.

876In 1995 we changed our strategy, considerably broadening our course of action and giving a more global character to our services.

We select the best products offered by the most reliable manufacturers throughout the world, continuously adding new items to our own offer. This has enabled us to assemble a very wide range of products.

Our aim is to keep on riding ahead of our competitors with the innovative spirit that distinguishes us. With this in mind, we have decided to invest in the newest technologies, especially on the Internet, to provide the most useful information to all breeders, horse owners and riders, yard and club managers, organizations, etc. In short, to anyone related to the equestrian world either as a professional or as an amateur. We are keen on keeping our wide-ranging catalogue constantly up to date.

In 2006, the International Chamber of Commerce awarded us its ChamberTrust seal certifying the quality of our web site, the accurateness of the information found within, and our professionalism in our online transactions.

In 2010, after 25 years of expert service, we are proud to say that LUPA is highly regarded by all our competitors. We expect to enjoy your fullest confidence.

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