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Horse Clippers

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LUPA offers you four different types of horse clippers. They have been specially designed for use with horses, have been thoroughly tested, show a good performance, can incorporate different combs and blades, and have a guarantee for spare parts and after-sales assistance. Three of them are mains-powered, which we consider the most reliable system, and one uses a 35 W lithium battery that has proved quite reliable.

maquinaria y aperos - esquiladoras 0506B2101 CLIPMASTER HORSE CLIPPER
Professional horse clipper: powerful (150 W) and user-friendly (1.5 kg). It comes in a small case which includes a comb, a blade and grease.

maquinaria y aperos - esquiladoras 0506A5/50 OSTER A5-50 HORSE CLIPPER
Fan-cooled horse clipper with a hyperventilated motor. It is small and can work at 2 different speeds, with a power of 35 W and 3,000 rpm. Non-professional machine suitable for shaving manes, cutting tails and occasionally clipping horses.

maquinaria y aperos - esquiladoras 05064131055 HEINIGER DELTA-3 HORSE CLIPPER Specifically designed for use with horses. It has a very low noise factor, a power of 180 W, 3 different speeds (2,100, 2,800 and 3,200 rpm), a weight of only 1,320 grs and an angle of attack which makes it very easy to use all over the horse. It comes in a small case with a screwdriver, oil and a paintbrush.

maquinaria y aperos - esquiladoras RECARGABLE SAPHIR HORSE CLIPPER
Rechargeable horse clipper with a power of 35 W, a lithium battery and a battery range of 55". It is ergonomic and its angle of attack makes it very easy to use all over the horse. It comes in a small case, with 2 batteries, a screwdriver, oil and a paintbrush. It is perfect for manes, tails, surgical shaving, and even for the complete clipping of a horse.

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