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Arena Harrows

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maquinaria y aperos - rastras A good maintenance of the arena footing is essential for the horses’ health and for the image given by the yard or club.

For this purpose, it is indispensable to use the appropriate implements.

The different arenas, depending on their composition and texture, need different implements for their correct maintenance.

maquinaria y aperos - rastras LUPA offers you a series of implements, with several accessories, which serve for all types of arena footings. They all carry out three necessary functions for the arena’s maintenance:


  • They rake, with different cogs for each type of arena footing,
  • They have a special device to “pull in” the sand that always piles up around the arena rail, and
  • They smooth down the upper layer of the arena.

We have selected simple, strong, galvanized and affordable arena harrows that can be hinged on to a tractor’s hydraulic device, which will then control the depth of use.

maquinaria y aperos - rastras For those yards that do not have a tractor, we have looked for an alternative solution: an accessory which, once installed on any of our arena harrows, allows the user to decide the depth of use and enables them to be towed by 4 x 4 vehicles. maquinaria y aperos - rastras

A very common problem in all arenas is the footing piling up near the rail or the arena kick-wall. We have found a specific solution for this: we offer an implement, with an adjustable support wheel, which “pulls in” the sand from the outer part of the arena. It can also include a small wheel to protect the arena kick-wall.

You will find the prices of the most common arena harrows in Store.

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