Machinery and implements

Machinery must necessarily consist of mechanical solutions intended to make our daily work easier and to save labour. Moreover, if these machines are to be used with horses, these qualities must be backed by at least another two equally important features: safety and strength.

maquinaria y aperosIn this chapter, we present a series of extraordinarily useful and profitable machines selected by LUPA for their value for money, functionality, strength, safety for horses and easy use.

Grain crushers : why should we crush oats? Firstly, because crushed oats are much healthier and secondly because it is a cheaper way to feed horses. Crushed oats encourage the horse to chew and produce more saliva which will help avoid many colics. LUPA has been selling the Feedmaster crusher for 25 years. It is a reliable, strong and maintenance-free machine with guaranteed after-sales service.

A horse walker is a tool which allows for the simultaneous working of several horses under the supervision of a single person. HORSEFIT walkers are renowned for their ease of use, resistance, safety and versatility. Only a few brands offer two models of walkers, Profesional and Pro-Hobby , and so many different diameters and types of drift fences.

maquinaria y aperosA good maintenance of the arena footing is essential for horses’ health and for the image given by the yard or club. For this purpose, it is indispensable to use the appropriate implements. LUPA has selected a series of rastras for different types of footings. They are strong, easy to use and have an affordable price. Some can be hinged on to a tractor’s hydraulic device, but we have also thought about those yards that do not have a tractor and we offer an accessory which allows for the harrows to be towed by a 4 x 4 or a quad.

maquinaria y aperosA solarium must serve many uses apart from drying horses when they are sweating or have just been washed. The CORTON solaria which LUPA sells have been designed for the general well-being of horses and are top quality, as all CORTON products.

LUPA offers four different types of horse clippers.They have been specially designed for use with horses, have been thoroughly tested, show a good performance, and have a guarantee for spare parts and after-sales assistance.

In an equestrian installation few devices can be so useful as an electronic platform scale. Now then, the scale must be made to weight horses, having in it count the idiosyncrasy of them. The scale BOSCHE PW 1500 allows to determine the horses weight on an easy, quickly and free of stress way. Made of high quality steel, a total dimensions of 210x112 cm., a non-slipped rubber carpet of 8 mm. of thickness, a height of 11 cm., that facilitates that the horse raises the scale without object many resistance and four cells that works by a software of "movement weight" that allow to weight quickly and accurately, reflecting the reading on a LCD screen of 50 mm. of high.



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