True dog lovers want only the very best for their pets, not a wretched dog’s life in a miserable cabin with draughts, but a good kennel which offers them defence and protection.

On the other hand, no dog likes not being able to move about. Freedom of movement is an essential living condition for your animals.

CORTON has managed to build high quality kennels which fulfil these requirements and are very functional. They have become a symbol and a reference within the professional market. CORTON also offers a whole series of elements for amateurs and professionals, such as trap-cages, guillotine doors, furniture for clinics and stores, playpens for newborn puppies, etc.

We can create playpens with assemblable elements or fences which can be combined according to each customer’s ideas or needs. These fences come basically in 2 heights: 175 and 193 cm, and 3 lengths: 100, 150 and 200 cm. Combining them, we can build virtually any size of playpen.

We offer elements built with bars, with thermo-welded mesh and with profiled sheet. The barred panels present different distances between the bars, depending on the size of the dogs they are intended for. There are also special types of panels: with doors, with an opening to enter the cabin, and with rotating feeders. We also have different roofing systems and all the necessary elements to assemble and fix the playpens and kennels.

A great variety of night kennels, cabins, cages for clinics, beds and other elements for all types of dogs are included in a specific and detailed catalogue which we can send to you upon your request.

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