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Fences and Railings

Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

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La cinta Ruban una barrera visual

La cinta Ruban, una barrera visual

We can say that electric fences revolutionized fencing systems in general. Their advantages include: low cost, versatility, perfect visibility, minimum risk for the animal and great mobility. If it is well installed, it constitutes a visual, mental and physical barrier for horses.

Horses are whimsical creatures when selecting what to eat: they might choose an area of a field and virtually destroy it, leaving other parts completely untouched. As electric fencings can be easily moved, we can solve this problem and make the most of the whole enclosure.

Electric fences have another important quality: horses soon learn not to touch them. This is of prime importance since they tend to lean on, chew and even scratch themselves against standard fences, which inevitably become weaker and get damaged.

El cordon electrificado ofrece menos resistencia al viento

El cordon ofrece menos resistencia al viento

Electric fencings basically consist of a series of stakes with long steel shafts which are sunk into the ground and that, through isolators, support some kind of conductor of electrical impulses which constitutes the enclosure itself. There are four types of conductors: wire, twine, rope and Ruban tape, , with different sizes and qualities.

Wire, because of its inherent danger, is completely inadvisable for use with horses.

Nylon twine (3 mm.) is scarcely visible and LUPA suggests its use solely as a reinforcement and protection of other fences weakened by typical horse action. Rope (6 mm.) is useful in very windy areas because it offers less resistance to the air than tape, though its visibility must be enhanced for the horses to respect it.

Hilo conductor reforzando el vallado Beo-Band

Hilo conductor reforzando el vallado Beo-Band

Ruban tapes are the best option. Not all tapes for use in electric fences are the same. The thickness of the conducting wires, the tape’s manufacture... In short, its resistance is what makes the difference. We offer two types of tape: “standard” and “extra”.

It is important to point out that horses usually see blurred images. They can see within a radius of 350º, but using both eyes at once only 65º. They have weak eyesight, a bad viewpoint, and two blind spots: in front of their nostrils, and behind their body. Moreover, they are colour-blind, only distinguishing contrasts of grey. Anyhow, studies exist about the most visible colours for horses and they seem to be brown and green. This is why, besides mere attractiveness, Ruban tapes are sold in a variety of colours: white, green, brown... White tape is especially visible and thus enables us to easily check the fencing from a distance.

The success of an electric fence is based on a good choice of materials, their correct installation and an adequate maintenance. The system needs a powerful energizer, and must be very well insulated and equipped with a good earth spike. There are mains-powered energizers, battery-powered energizers and others which work with a solar panel.

As with other types of fencing, an installation with two tapes is the norm, though three would be better, especially when there are ponies or very young horses. The first time you use an electric fencing with a horse, take it near enough for it to receive a small electric shock. Later, when free, the animal’s natural curiosity will make it try again and it will receive another shock. That will be enough to make it avoid touching the fence forever. On the other hand, if you simply set your animals free within the enclosure without testing it, they may run into the fence while playing and, though they will receive a shock, it will be too late.

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