Fences and Railings

Fences and Railings Fields, riding schools, tracks, competition arenas, etc. can be fenced using very different systems. It is essential to find out the pros and cons of each of them: especially their installation and maintenance costs, their weather resistance, their performance in case of accident, their appeal... Your final choice will depend on all these factors.

There are two main aspects to bear in mind when choosing your fence: suitability and cost. The ideal fencing for horses must be safe for the animals in case of accident, strong enough and long-lasting. Its cost will depend on several variables: whether the chosen fencing materials are easy to obtain from nearby, their price and their installation costs, and, especially, the fence’s maintenance costs.

Fences and Railings

Fences and Railings in Lupa Iberica Usually, the ideal height of your fence will be: 120 cm. for riding arenas; 140-150 cm. for fields; 150 cm. for horse-exercisers, round pens and free-jumping arenas. Allow for two horizontal rails between posts for fully-grown horses, and three rails for ponies and very young horses.

Though its use is quite common, for safety reasons we strongly advise against using: wire mesh fencing, metal fences or precast concrete railings.

Wire mesh or netting is a frequent and repeated cause of irreversible wounds among horses.

Metal-tube fencing, so common in our studs and riding schools, is a very rigid material which will not absorb impacts. Moreover, its installation and maintenance are costly for it requires constant up-keeping and re-painting.

Dolorosa consecuencia de un vallado inapropiado Precast concrete, peculiarly enough, is fragile until it is installed, requires “foundations”, is rigid, and will be damaged by weather changes.

It would take us too long to try to explain here the dozens of fencing forms and possible combinations available, but we can propose various systems commercialized by LUPA after many years of analyses and experience. If you wish, we can take care of its transportation and installation, both of which will be underlined in your estimate. Preparing the estimate does not, of course, indicate any obligation whatsoever on the client’s part. Fences and Railings with Lupa Iberica S.A.

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