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suelos para pistas - geopat

The state and quality of your track is an important factor in the horses’ development and health. Most traditional sandy lack the sufficient consistency and are packed or become hard after several days of work, with the subsequent draining problems and a high risk of injury for both horse and rider.

suelos para pistas - geopat

The most advisable type of track is one which combines consistency with a cushion effect, vital for the well-being of horses and riders, and which minimizes the maintenance costs of the track.

suelos para pistas - geopat

In 1991, after several years of investigation, Liberty Horse launched GEOPAT, a product which helps with the consistency and flexibility of tracks, and is designed to meet the requirements of the different equestrian sports. Therefore, we are talking about a thoroughly tested product. GEOPAT is a solution that consists of small flakes (up to 2 x 2 cm) of fabric. This fabric is made of fibrous synthetic materials (100% polyester) which are interwoven like a net (its fibres or filaments intertwine lengthwise and width-wise bi-dimensionally).

suelos para pistas - geopat

The product has been tested and approved by the TNO KUNSTOFFEN EN RUBBER INSTITUT who has certified that GEOPAT is not biodegradable, is not easily polluted and has no adverse effects on environment.

suelos para pistas - geopat

Though GEOPAT is compatible with all types of sand, the best results are achieved with sands whose particle size distribution is between 180 and 250 microns (75%). The mixing process is simple and direct and can be done in a few hours with standard agricultural machinery.

suelos para pistas - geopat

GEOPAT has been installed in countless tracks all over Europe. It is an economical and ideal solution to obtain a perfect track. Beware of imitations: this is a registered trademark distributed in Spain by LUPA IBERICA, S.A. For more information, please contact us.

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