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Rubber Matting

Belmondo Paddock

Belmondo Paddock

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suelos de caucho - belmondo paddock

The high quality rubber matting of Belmondo Paddock guarantees an even exercise of all parts of the horse. On a consolidated surface (asphalt, concrete, paving stones), the rubber mat can be installed directly. This mat has a rough surface and its underside is formed by 2-mm-thick granules. Liquids will thus drain easily over the edges. For non-consolidated surfaces, we offer the Belmondo alveolar plastic floor tiles to serve as stabilizer and as ideal spacing between a muddy floor and the non-slip rubber matting of Belmondo Paddock. The distance between the alveoli has been especially designed for horses’ hooves. The floor tiles’ structure gives the rubber matting an ideal base and allows for its perfect stability.

suelos de caucho - belmondo paddock suelos de caucho - belmondo paddock suelos de caucho - belmondo paddock


  • Naturally flexible, like the footing of a real steppe.
  • Designed for outdoor use: it is protected against UV rays and ozone.
  • Completely non-slip even when wet.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries (maximum safety even in case of frost).
  • Protects hooves, tendons and joints.
  • No puddles or mud, horses will always walk on dry ground.
  • This product is also highly recommended for stables’ aisles, wash areas and horse-walkers (especially in rainy areas and for un-roofed facilities).
  • Easy to lay and especially hygienic: easy to clean simply with a spade and broom or with a high-pressure washer.

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