Belmondo Box Classic


suelos de caucho - belmondo box classic

BELMONDO CLASSIC rubber stable matting is recommended both for stalls and for the stable’s aisles. Belmondo Classic is flexible and non-slip, thus protecting hooves, tendons and joints. It is also waterproof and heat-insulating. Therefore, if the stall is cleaned properly, the horses’ hooves will always be dry and will not be exposed to the aggressive action of urine. Belmondo Classic is very hygienic and its maintenance is especially easy. Belmondo Classic is the only matting which is also available in a 50 cm width, with a straight edge on one of its sides (without an interlocking finish), which, depending on the stall’s size, may save a lot of cutting work.

suelos de caucho - belmondo box classic suelos de caucho - belmondo box classic

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