Rejilla anticontaminante - Ecoraster grille

suelos para pistas - ecoraster

If we intend to build a good-quality track by our own means, there are two points which we must take special care of: installing an intermediate draining element as support layer, and building a surface layer with the adequate conditions for the intended use of the track.

By intermediate element we mean a product that avoids horses pushing the surface layer fines into the lower layers of the track and prevents stones coming up to the surface.

The Ecoraster grille has been especially designed as intermediate or separating element between the track’s surface layer and its subsoil. It has draining and stabilising properties, it is elastic, equally distributes the surface load and protects joints and tendons. There are different types of grille for the different types of track.

If you want more information, please come to the store or ask for our specific catalogue

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