Outdoor Stalls

The resistance of the materials used in our Outdoor Stalls, the thickness of the walls, the making of doors and windows, the protections, the floor fixing system by means of chemical bolts, the existence of countless standard details such as ventilation systems, gutters, drainpipes... together with all the possibilities we offer to personalize your stables, are what make us stand out from our competitors.

Outdoor Stalls We feel so sure about the difference between us and our competitors, that we encourage or potential customers to visit other facilities, so they can compare their Outdoor Stalls before taking their final decision.

On the outside wall we install a panel of treated and superimposed tongued and grooved boards, following our own design, and fixed on a 5-cm-thick frame. The treatment applied provides a long-lasting, maintenance-free, protection. Nevertheless, in such a changing climate as the Spanish continental one, applying an external protection coating (Lasur or paint; never varnish) from time to time (2-3 years) is very helpful.

On the inside, in contact with the horse and fixed onto a reinforced frame to increase its resistance to impact, we install a high density, hydrofugous panel. It is 19 mm thick, very polished and resistant, so horses cannot “bite into it”.

The doors are 6 cm thick and are divided in two. The frame and the lower leaf are protected internally and externally by a galvanized plate. The windows are like perspex blinds and have bars on the inside.

We can install different types of roofing depending on the climate and on our customer’s wishes.

We build Outdoor Stalls and stables in a variety of forms and sizes (3 x 3.6 m and 3.6 x 3.6 m are the most common stall sizes). Many different designs are possible (back-to-back, in a line, forming an L, or a U, or arranged in courtyards...), with garages, barns, classrooms, tack-rooms and offices, as supplementary elements.

The detailed description of the Standard construction is as follows:

Total height at the peak 3,60m
Height of the eaves 2,40m
Size of the stall (axis to axis) 3x3,6m o 3,6x3,6m
Side walls with a 5 cm air chamber
Fixed to concrete floor By means of drills, screwed-in rods and chemical bolts.
Size of the door’s frame 1298 x 2283 mm ; thickness: 100 x 75 mm
Size of the window 650x965mm
Planned lean of the roofing 25º
Thickness of the waterproof coating 15mm
Size of the straps 125x50mm
Thickness of the outside treated panels 19mm
Thickness of the inside panels 19mm
Inside panels on walls Very polished phenolic panel.
Guarantee of the material 6 years.

The different designs and sizes available, together with the great variety of options and possibilities we offer, make it impossible for us to give any prices without knowing the details in advance. For more information, please visit our photograph gallery to see how the stables are built. You may also ask for a specific catalogue and/or an quotation. We will send it to you without obligation.

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