Indoor Stalls

Compared to traditional construction, indoor separations for barns have achieved an enormous importance, which is logic, since their use offers substantial advantages:

  • Existing buildings can be used and, in other cases, the construction of a barn will enhance the estate’s residual value. If the farm were to be sold or the activity changed, the stalls could be easily dismantled and sold, and the barn would be useful for any other activity.
  • Indoor stalls for horses can be gradually increased according to necessity and without affecting daily activity, for they are built very quickly.
  • The space available can be used to its maximum possibilities.
  • Less labour is required on a daily management.
  • The psychological state of the animals improves because they are in closer contact with one another.

Indoor Stalls Anyone who demands a lot of their horses must also demand a lot of their stables. If you expect your horses to make a considerable effort, you must reward them with the amount of rest and attention they require. Their house, their stall, must be spacious, bright, safe, insulated, and easy to muck out and clean. Moreover, it must be strong and resistant to any of the horse’s sudden impacts. This is the type of high-quality indoor stalls that CORTON manufactures.

The designs and materials used by CORTON have been carefully thought out for use with horses. In LUPA, we have ample experience in manufacturing and building all types of facilities all over the world. We chose CORTON stalls for the Barcelona ’92 Olympics; and we also used CORTON products to build different facilities for several Spanish official entities (Spain’s Ministry of Defence, of Domestic Affairs, its National Heritage, etc.); and many of our individual customers are currently enjoying the quality of CORTON.

CORTON horse stalls are the fruit of more than 25 years of product development and experience. They are made of independent sections which may be dismantled and reassembled at any time. These sections consist of a closed steel double frame. The frame has an exclusive design which gives it an unbreakable rigidity, resisting considerable lateral forces. As all steel components of CORTON stables, the frame is hot-dip galvanised in accordance with NEN and ISO 1461 standards.

Each horse stall wall consists of a closed steel frame construction. The front wall sections are reinforced at the top by a steel rail profile; the lower section consists of tongue and groove planks made of Govaplast massive polythene or first-class long-fibre tropical hardwood, while the upper section consists of steel bars. Side walls can also consist of planks and bars, or be completely closed (blind), with planks on both the lower and upper sections.

The finish is done with special care: it is always smooth, without any protruding parts which may hurt the horse, and the size, width and distance between the bars has been carefully studied. Nothing is left to chance. Everything has been carefully planned and manufactured to give your horses the maximum safety and security.

CORTON only works with the best materials. They use only Govaplast massive polythene or first-class long-fibre tropical hardwood. Govaplast massive polythene, with a homogeneous finish and resistant to UV rays, was first used in veterinary hospitals which required a non-porous product, where no bacteria could penetrate and indifferent to water and other disinfectants. It comes in black, brown and green. The tropical hardwood planks offer an excellent appearance and are very resistant to horses’ action due to its density and hardness. All four sides of the planks are planed and have tongue and groove joints. We may supply them already treated with Lasur. In any of the models, the planks, once installed, may be substituted.

From the first day, CORTON has used a solid frame profile to immediately and firmly secure the interlocking hardwood panelling. The inward-facing double flanges provide the firm rigidity required to absorb the considerable lateral forces horses can produce. With time, our competitors have copied our type of rail profile, so in 2004 we introduced a new exclusive design: the doble perfil, , which provides for a greater degree of resistance that makes it better than any other. We use simple profiles only for our Economical model.

Our long experience in manufacturing and building different types of facilities offers our customers an additional guarantee. Below we present the different models available with their standard sizes and finishes, and with their respective prices. Anyhow, there are countless options to personalize your stables, and we can also supply custom made stalls. With this information you will be able to work out quite accurately the cost of the materials. If you are interested in any of our models, please contact us and we will send a catalogue and a personalized quotation, including labour, transportation, delivery-time and installation costs, without obligation on your part.

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