Indoor Arenas

LUPA was the first to use laminated timber beams in Spain. Nowadays their use is very common in large buildings such as hypermarkets and sports centres. This type of beam has three main advantages over traditional building systems:

Indoor Arenas Fast installation: these are simple constructions, with easy foundations, beams supported by pillars, straps and a roof. They are built in days, not months.

Large open-plan spaces: with which we can obtain enough space for a track, the stables and any annexed elements. The use of partition walls is cost-effective and results in functional facilities which will be easily managed by few workers.

Extremely good-looking: buildings of any type and size can be made, not only indoor arenas. The walls can be made of brick or hardwood. The roofs are also supplied following the customer’s wishes.

We can prepare a turnkey project or just execute some parts of the construction. But always with fixed prices and delivery dates, because we think that financial planning is essential.

Indoor Arenas

If you need a project for Indoor Arenas, ask for our assessment. If you already have one, you can send it to us and request an execution quotation

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