Field Shelters

Field shelters must have a series of structural characteristics that fulfil its purpose: to protect the animals, and not just act as a mere shed or roof.

Field Shelters SCOTTS' Field Shelters are built with the same specifications as their stables:

  • Field shelters are installed on a concrete floor, which makes them stronger and safer because wind will not be able to move them, nor will they be exposed by rain torrents. Furthermore, the floor will not become an unhealthy mire and it will be easier to clean.
  • They have Standard walls with a 5 cm insulating chamber
  • They are supplied either completely or partially open, depending on the climatic conditions.
  • They come in different sizes depending on the number of animals.

We can include indoor walls, eaves or windows to produce a building that meets your specific needs.

Their quality and finishing are similar to that of stables: inside panelling, edges protected by galvanized metal plate...

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