In this chapter we include different solutions and materials for the building of equestrian facilities.

LUPA was the first in Spain to use laminated wood beams in the building of indoor arenas.They are quick and easy to install, allow for large open-plan spaces and are incredibly good-looking. We also offer two essential elements for indoor arenas: thermoformed timber kick-walls and aerial watering..

The construction of stables is undoubtedly our strongest point. We can distinguish three types of stalls: outdoor, indoor and portable stalls. LUPA sells and installs outdoor stables from SCOTTS , the most important and famous manufacturer in Great Britain, founded in 1920. These high-quality stables have been carefully designed to fulfil any horse-lover’s wishes.
Prefab walls are now much more common than traditional brick walls to divide the inside of barns. This is so because: new stalls can be added when needed, we can make the most of the space available, less labour is required on a daily basis, and horses are psychologically healthier because they are in closer contact with one another. CORTON’s indoor stalls stand out in the market for their versatility, functionality and high durability. If you want to improve your knowledge about Stables please click here

LUPA also sells and installs a wide range of CORTON building elements such as: single and double doors (either sliding or swinging) for barns, yards and stables; windows; , multipurpose walls (for example, for wash areas or inspection boxes), etc... All manufactured with the same quality and durability as their stables.

Rubber matting and wall linings to cover aisles, stalls, doors, wash and grooming areas, operating rooms, horse walkers, paddocks and other areas, have improved significantly. Today there are specific solutions for each use. There are waterproof and draining products, with different textures, cushioning and resistance capacities, and which allow machinery to wheel over them. BELMONDO products stand out for their easy installation and 5-year guarantee.

The construction of tracks is another of the most frequent requests we receive. Our aim is to obtain a surface which will not cave in when wet and has a consistent resistance to horses’ hooves; which produces the minimum dust possible when dry; using materials with a low noise factor; resistant to decomposition and erosion; flexible, to reduce the horse’s effort, and not too deep, to avoid fatigue; all with a reasonable cost. In LUPA we will help you with two thoroughly tested solutions: ECORASTER and GEOPAT

LUPA is not only horses. We have been installing professional solutions for dogs and cats for many years. We used CORTON.materials for different facilities, security companies, animal residences and private breeders. We would like to highlight the quality of Madrid’s Centre for animal protection, and of the Centre for animal attention in Las Rozas.

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