Rubber Matting


Rubber Matting The development of new products by recycling different raw materials and their use in farms has been thoroughly studied and their advantages have been amply demonstrated. When it comes to Rubber Matting, It has been scientifically proved that keeping animals on hard surfaces, such as concrete floors, entails certain degree of stress, and that the use of rubber matting on the floor improves their standard of living. For example, milk cows produce up to 15% more milk when they are kept on rubber floors.

These improvements are being introduced into the equestrian world for different purposes: for safety, to reduce stress, for an easier and cheaper maintenance of stables, and for a better disinfection and healthier conditions.

Different products and solutions, with multiple origins, have been developed to cover stable aisles and the floors of stalls, hospital boxes, horse walkers, paddocks, wash areas, and many others.

LUPA offers you a selection of these, describing the product’s quality, its characteristics, if it is waterproof or not, how it is installed, its specific or preferred use, and other features which may help you make the most appropriate choice.

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